Hey there! I’m  Lashan, a 21 year old photographer, traveller and Civil Engineering with Architecture student from Sydney, Australia. In 2014 I went on exchange to Montréal, Canada and then travelled on my own through Europe for 3 months – 46 cities in 19 countries over 89 days. Ever since then I’ve been hooked, taking spontaneous trips to the other side of the globe and I recently got to travel through Europe again for 50 days – and this time I got paid for it.

I have a love for photography, art, adventure and now travel. I’ve had so many incredible adventures over the past two years and I wanted to document and capture all the experiences I have on these journeys, so I decided to start this blog. This is my attempt at that goal.

I have an undying passion for travel – roaming the planet without a care in the world, getting off the beaten track, taking risks and seeing them pay off has lead to some of the most incredible (and challenging) experiences of my life, and I hope some of that comes through in my work, both this blog and my photography. My goal is to rope you in and make it feel like you’re right there with me.

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