Hopped off the night train from Milan this morning and I’ve now finished my first day in Rome – And already I’m madly, hopelessly in love with it. Rome, I love your colours, I love your food, I love your statues, I love your architecture, I love your weather, I love the way you smile… Run away with me please.

So much colour.

It’s a relatively dense city – which while that makes it busy it also means that major historical landmarks are just waiting for you around each corner. Oh look there’s the Vatican! What’s up Castel Sant’Angelo? Holy crap look at the Vittorio… and then there’s the god damned Colosseum. I managed to see all of this (not inside, that’s for tomorrow) within a couple of hours. What makes this all even better is that most of the main attractions are free! Not even for something as iconic as the Pantheon. After going from somewhere that did charge for pretty much everything (looking at you Barcelona) it’s a welcome change.

I’m just going to indulge myself in all my architectural and Assassin’s Creed related fantasies for the next couple of days. I never want to leave.

IMG_2143Rome IMG_2160Rome IMG_2170Rome IMG_2172Rome IMG_2183Rome IMG_2205Rome IMG_2226Rome IMG_2238Rome

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