The last couple of days have been absolute madness. After studying hard and completing my one and only exam on the 17th my life has been a whirlwind of mini deadlines, running around the city meeting up with as many friends as possible at a lot of restaurants and bars, and just getting things ready in general. It’s been stressful, hyper-social and just all round fantastic. I love living life at speed.

Potato Rosti at Le Monde Café in Surry Hills. So good
Potato Rosti at Le Monde Café in Surry Hills. So good

Doing all these things, discovering Sydney’s cultural strengths and a couple of other factors has made me fall in love with Sydney again. Sydney may be horrendously expensive, have atrocious public transport, and have a very work-focused culture but there are a number of positives. One, we have some seriously good coffee here. Two, we have a ton of amazing and cool bars/restaurants to explore. Three, beaches. Four, the sunsets – oh lordy.

The sunset that one fateful evening on the 17th of June is a fine example of number four. I went into the city that grey and rainy afternoon to get my international drivers permit, and when I walked out the entire sky was ablaze in hues of vivid purple, pink, orange and yellow, there was a double rainbow and it had just stopped raining, so instead of merely reflecting off all the glass on the skyscrapers, these vivid colours of the sunset and the rainbows reflected absolutely everywhere. It was so awe-inspiringly incredible that it bordered on some kind of life-changing spiritual experience. Best sunset I’ve ever seen.

And it just so happened that I made a conscious decision not to bring my camera. I was only going into the city to get my IDP and it looked terrible outside after all. And this happens. God damn it. I sure learnt my lesson. I’m never going without my camera again.

That was the best I could do with my phone.

It’s moments and experiences like these that sparked my affection for the city once more. It’s funny though, because when I arrived back on Terra Australis after Exchange/Europe this whole place felt like a prison. Too far, too isolated and not up to scratch. I hated everything about Sydney. And now all that hate has faded away in the face of admiration. Right as I’m about to leave. Kind of like some sort of reverse honeymoon. You’re leading up to leaving a place and then it brings out all the stops to make you love it once more. It’s a cruel and apparently quite cyclical process.

To finish here’s a quick selection of selfies of friends I met up with leading up to my departure.

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