It feels so bittersweet but in a couple of minutes my time in Montréal will be over. I’m currently sitting in a bus at Gare d’autocars de Montréal, waiting for it to leave for Boston. The past 3 days have been absolute insanity. Ever since I walked out of my last exam the pace of my life quadrupled. Non-stop seeing people for the last time over dinner, parties, random chance and saying so many difficult and heartfelt goodbyes.

The day before I went to a parkour gym with a friend for two hours (first time in 6 months!) got dinner with a group of friends at an amazing Japanese restaurant, went to Café Campus (a club with a university crowd and 80s music) and danced until 2:30am, got a gigantic pizza to share at about 3:30am at an italian place where we chatted with the owner and got a free smoked-meat poutine because he liked us, and then we left at 5am and split off for home. At 5am there are no night buses and the metro isn’t open yet, so I caught the first daytime bus down Sherbrooke St to my home, fell asleep on the bus and ended up at Villa Maria metro, caught the metro to Vendome station and then caught the 105 on Sherbrooke back to Loyola residance. I fell asleep on that bus too and ended up at the depot where I had to walk an extra 10 minutes back. Not sure if that’s an indicator of a crazy night but it definitely felt like one.

I then I slept for 90 minutes and continued my quest to see as many people as possible. On attempt of a 30 minute power nap at 8pm I ended up crashing until 5 in the morning – bringing us up to today. From 5am until 1pm I was sprinting through the city non-stop doing last-minute errands from giving my ski rentals to a friend (couldn’t return them until August when they opened back up), paying off a final hospital bill and getting it reimbursed, buying a Concordia jumper and a universal adapter from Canadian Tire. then it was mad rush of packing/throwing out everything and then chilling with Sunny, Vincent, Marnie and Manuela over food. After some difficult goodbyes I grabbed my bags and headed off downtown and had a little bit to eat at McKibbin’s Irish Pub with Louise and Sophie, and that was it. Done. On my way out.

I love everything about Montréal. The architecture, the snow, the French/European flavour to everything and how full of life everything is, the food, the public transport, the people. I’m going to miss strolling down the streets of Old Montréal, getting late night poutine at La Banquise after a quality night out, watching a sunset from the top of Mont Royal. I’m going to miss the buskers in the metro, and hilarious drunkards singing on the night bus. Getting a Tim Hortons French Vanilla with whipped cream. And going to it for breakfast almost every single weekday. The layer of snow sticking to the top side of the tree branches after a fresh snowfall at twilight, the way it sparkles.

I’ve traveled to so many different places – in Canada, in the US, in Cuba – ate plenty of weird and wonderful food, had so many incredible experiences and met so many amazing people, while doing barely any school work in the process. I feel like I made the most of it. All the risk, all the reward. It’s the way to go.

All the risk, all the reward

I’d like to thank everyone who helped make this the best 4 months of my life!! It was heaps of fun, I’ll miss you all! I didn’t get to say goodbye to absolutely everyone I wanted to, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again someday  

And so begins the next leg of my journey. 3 months in EUROPE. Onward, ALLER!

Here’s just a couple of pics of all my awesome Montréal people 🙂 We’ll see each other again!

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