My last day in New York! Gotta make the most of it.

I moved out of the hostel early in the morning, put my bags in storage and went on my way to MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. As amazing and endless as The Met was, this was definitely more my style.

There was a whole section devoted to architecture – featuring works from Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas/OMA, Mies Van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. I was in heaven. There was also a section devoted to video games which I thoroughly appreciated (featuring Portal, Sim City and even Vib Ribbon), and a whole range of masterpieces and famous works – including work from Jackson Pollock, Frieda Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol’s soup, Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” (aka the one with the melting clocks) and a ton of Picasso.

Zaha Hadid.

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My favourites would have to be Picasso’s “Girl with a Mandolin” and Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night”. I loved the deconstructed but still coherent depiction of the human form in the Picasso. The Van Gogh was on another level though. I stared into the starry night for a solid 10 minutes, long after the tourists who came with me took their snaps and moved on. The strokes and the colours in the painting are so expressive that it makes it all come alive. I could feel the light breeze going over the village, through the trees and over the long flowing grass.

A Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh
A Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh
Girl with a Mandolin - Picasso
Girl with a Mandolin – Picasso

I followed MoMA up with a visit to Chelsea and it’s High Line. The High Line was pretty neat. An old, above ground railway line that’s been converted into a community park. Walking along it, 10 or so metres above the ground as it passes in between buildings was quite relaxing, and pretty magical at twilight. Lots of great street art there too. Chelsea gives off a very chill, hipster, Newtown sort of vibe. Chelsea markets solidified that notion. It had really amazing little stalls.

The High Line, Chelsea


The High Line, Chelsea.

Before heading back to Long Island to my family friend’s house, I decided to make Grand Central Terminal my final stop in New York City. It was definitely grand and quite the relic, but felt a little too touristy. Kind of like Times Square the second or third time. Maybe I was just a little exhausted.

Grand Central Terminal.

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From there I grabbed my bags and caught the train back to Long Island where I got myself ready for Montreal. Until next time, New York.

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