It’s been a long and tumultuous rollercoaster ride leading up to this moment, with many a late night, lots of heartfelt goodbyes and some attempts at frugality, but the day is finally here. Today I embark on the craziest thing I’ve ever concocted. Living on my own on the other side of the world for over half a year, in a city where most people speak a different language and I know literally nobody. This is going to be fun. The morning was frantic I hastily organised some things with last minute phone calls and printing runs, but soon we were on our way, and soon enough we arrived at the airport.

Airports. So many airports.

After going through check-in I made my final goodbyes to my family, and then I turn around and start walking down the departure isle. This huge wave of relief flows over me. Everything feels like a blur. Freedom baby. This is it. I have absolutely no fucking idea what I’m doing.

That flight to Auckland where I couldn’t pick my seat? Window. Thank you awesome travel agent. The view out the window is stunning. There were rolling clouds resting upon the deep blue ocean, a perfect blue gradient stretching from the horizon out into the infinity of space, and to the back we were chased by a never ending sunset.

The plane for the LA leg of the trip felt downright luxurious compared to the other one – touch screens, thank god! Definitely appreciated on a 12 hour flight. Was asleep for most of it but the islands and hills we flew over on the descent were gorgeous. The skyscrapers of LA look like toys from up here. As annoying as the pilot was (interrupting our entertainment, how dare he?!), that was probably the smoothest landing I’ve ever had.

I go through immigration and customs without a hitch and walk outside to the LAX concourse. Ah shit. I have no idea where to go and have nobody to ask for help. Thankfully my brief relationship with GTA V allowed me to haphazardly navigate the airport. There was a truly spectacular deep red sunset over the runways. Day one and I’m already into the hyperbole. And it’s not over yet.


Today technically stands as the longest day of my life, and I have literally no grasp of time anymore. It’s night but it feels like noon. Jet lag to the extreme. But that’s to be expected when you travel to the other side of the world. LA today, New York tomorrow.

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