After yesterday’s massive sleep in, I was determined to make the most of today. I’m going see the sun rise. I got up at 6am and took the subway down to south Manhattan, then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at the sun came up over the east. That was really special. As the sun peeked up over the horizon it bathed the Manhattan skyline in a warm orange glow.

The Brooklyn Bridge itself was spectacular – with the towering gothic arches of granite and limestone, and the matrix of steel suspension cables that held it all together as you walked across. Truly a marvel of engineering and architecture.

Brooklyn Bridge

 Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge

From there I spent a little time eating breakfast in Brooklyn Bridge Park on the other side and then I explored the surrounding areas of the bay, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. All of it was really cool, I definitely recommend checking out Brooklyn. Dumbo felt like a location from a classic film noir movie, and Brooklyn Heights was more residential but I loved it – it was full of joined brick terrace houses and each street was lined with trees and cast iron railings. It’s removed from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan – friendly, quiet and full of character. If I was going to live in NYC I’d live here.

Brooklyn Heights.

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A word of advice to anyone travelling in New York – avoid all the fast food here. And for heaven’s sake do not eat anything they call bread. It’s not bread. It’s oily recycled paper mulch. I learned this in Brooklyn, where I tried out a burger and fries at a fast food chain called Shake Shack. It was horrid, processed garbage. After a couple of days here in New York I already feel malnourished of actual nutrients. I’m craving apples, bananas, something… something that these Americans can’t ruin.


I was keeping to a relatively tight schedule today so I high tailed it out of Brooklyn and headed to the Rockefeller Centre. I bought my ticket to get to the Top of the Rock and made my much anticipated journey to the NBC Store during the wait. I think my inner Community fanatic died in excitement when I got there. Community shirts, human being dolls, bobble heads, Troy and Abed mugs, everything. It took me a lot of willpower to only buy a mug and a human being doll. I ended up buying a Greendale tote bag at the counter.

Time to head to the Top of the Rock. I timed this perfectly. I get to the top bang on sunset. It was breathtaking.

Sunset from the Top of the Rock.

I spent a lot of time up here just taking it all in. The GE Building (The building I’m on top of) isn’t as tall as the Empire State so it feels more like you’re part of this concrete jungle rather than just towering above it. Definitely liked this more. Perfect way to end the night.

From the Top of the Rock.

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