For the past couple of days I’ve been harbouring this cold that I’m pretty sure I caught on the subway when I first used it, and today it was ready to knock my legs right out from under me. I was already exhausted from the past couple of days of exploring, so it definitely wasn’t doing me any favours. I would rest under normal circumstances, but I was in New York and I wasn’t going to be here much longer, so I was going to make the most of it – rain, hail or influenza. So I take a couple of Tylenol tablets and head off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art via Central Park. I’m determined not to take the subway today.

That’s a bigger task than it sounds. Central Park is MASSIVE. In my delusional and exhausted state I had to take a couple of breathers on my way through.  In winter Central Park isn’t much to look at, at least when there’s no snow – lots of dead grass, mud and dead trees. I did stumble upon a couple of interesting characters though, including a group of rich old ladies gossiping in fluoro tracksuits as they power-walked along the side of the path.

Central Park.
The Guggenheim.

Before I headed to The Met I made a quick stop by the Guggenheim. As an architecture student it was pretty much obligatory. It was nice, but not as big as I expected it to be. Didn’t go in because the exhibits aren’t that great from what I’ve heard.

The Met.
The Met.

Finally it was time for The Met. Right off the bat the architecture of the building was astounding – like a bigger and more lavishly decorated version of the Art Gallery of NSW.

I went in to The Metropolitan Museum of Art this morning thinking it would only take a couple of hours – I came out close to 9pm. I spent literally an entire day in there. Every time I thought I’d seen everything another whole wing would open out to me – be it a gallery of Renaissance Art, Middle Eastern tapestries or a collection of weapons throughout human history. They have actual Egyptian temples inside this thing. Definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

The Temple of Dendur.

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From there I got a massive slice of New York pizza for dinner, and then had to figure out a way to get home. I settled upon walking across Central Park. In the middle of the night.

I was terrified. I stuck to the side of the road that cut through the middle of Central Park but I still felt like I was going to get mugged at any minute. I made intense eye contact with a sinister looking dude on a scooter. AND I SURVIVED. Genuine feeling of relief once I hit Central Park West.

Today was definitely a good break from the hustle and bustle of what’s come before. Nice and chilled with a bit of excitement at the end to spice things up.

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